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New Study from China: More Evidence of Increased Psychological Risks Associated with Abortion

Huang and colleagues, affiliated with the Anhui Medical College in China, just published a sophisticated large scale study in the Bulletin of Clinical Psychopharmacology entitled “The Impact of Prior Abortion on Anxiety and Depression Symptoms during a Subsequent Pregnancy: Data From a Population-Based Cohort Study."

Data were derived from the Anhui Birth Defects and Child Development Cohort Study and the sample consisted of 6,887 women, 3,264 (47.6%) of whom had experienced at least one abortion.

A Serious Misrepresentation of the Relative Safety of Induced Abortion Compared to Childbirth Published in a Leading Medical Journal

The recent study in Obstetrics and Gynecology by Elizabeth Raymond and David Grimes comparing mortality statistics associated with induced abortion and childbirth is a dangerous distortion based on seriously incomplete data. A full critique is posted under articles on this site.